Jillian Michaels returns to fitness reality TV with a competition series searching for the next big exercise phenomenon

Credit: Courtesy Spike TV

Jillian Michaels is on a mission to find the next Soul Cycle.

The former Biggest Loser star is returning to fitness reality television with Sweat Inc., a competition series searching for the next big exercise phenomenon. To help her judge the competition are founder of TRX Randy Hetrick and celebrity trainer Obi Obadike.

“The show is a mash up of Shark Tank and American Idol,” Hetrick tells PEOPLE. “It’s really cool and very different than anything that has been out there before.”

Throughout the season, the judges are tasked with determining which exercise products or programs will make it big out of 27 new concepts.

“We’re looking for mass appeal, effectiveness and innovation,” says Hetrick.

In an exclusive sneak peak of the show, the judges are presented with “Omni Balls,” or what the creator calls “rolling yoga.”

As the judges test out the product, an enthusiastic Michaels, 41, says, “I could see myself doing a DVD with these.” But their initial opinions aren’t the only factor. All the entrepreneurs – vying for a $100,000 cash prize and a feature in Women’s Health magazine – are also judged on the progress of a controlled group of people training with their product throughout the competition.

But everyone knows the key to good reality competition is the chemistry between the judges.

“Our dynamic is super authentic – we get into it some, there’s no question,” says Hetrick. “Jillian and I have strong opinions, so we mix it up, but we always hug it out at the end.”

“And there ain’t a bit of cheese,” the former Navy SEAL officer continues. “You will get a total kick out of it, you’ll probably get a tear in your eye here and there and if you were ever interested in start-up business concepts or what makes for a great exercise program, then this show is for you.”

Sweat Inc. premieres Oct. 20 at 10/9c on Spike.