King, who is co-anchoring CBS' election night coverage, dropped a few pounds to fit into a specific dress for Tuesday night
Gayle King weight loss
Gayle King
| Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty. Inset: Gayle King/Instagram

After worrying about her quarantine weight gain, Gayle King is celebrating a lower number on the scale.

The CBS This Morning host, 65, shared a photo of her bathroom scale on Oct. 24, writing that she’s in “CRISIS!” after hitting 172 lbs.

“Ideal weight says [doctor] is 163... not happening anytime soon,” she said. “Blaming corona quarantine and Halloween candy corns I just bought! Make it stop!”

A week and a half later, though, King was pleased to share that she was down to 165 lbs.

“Update! Just completed 5-day soup fast and the results are in!” she wrote on Instagram Tuesday.

King said she’s hoping to wear a specific dress as she co-anchors CBS' 2020 election night coverage alongside Norah O'Donnell.

“Trying to get into mustard yellow dress for Elex night coverage TONITE...praying to sweet black baby Jesus it now fits, that you VOTE and that there is PEACE.”

King asked for a bit of grace from her followers, though, for her feet.

“Plz withhold all negative comments about my jacked-up feet I’m well aware they are a hot mess but not yet comfortable in a covid environment going to nail salon...” she said, adding, “Bigger issues to worry about…”

While King's soup cleanse may have worked in the short-term, it's likely not the best plan for sustained weight loss. Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak previously told PEOPLE that soup cleanses are a nutrient-dense, low-calorie, low-fat option, "but the low protein content may leave many people with cravings. Consuming adequate protein while shedding pounds protects muscle stores and maintains energy levels while staving off hunger."

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King has long been open about her weight, and frequently shares photos of her ups and downs on the scale. She started posting the scale photos after joining WW with her BFF Oprah Winfrey in 2016, and King lost nearly 28 lbs. in nine months. But King has said that she doesn’t restrict herself too much.

“Some people don’t eat pasta or bread or sweets ever,” she previously said in O, The Magazine. “I love those foods too much. So for the most part, I eat healthy, but if I go to a party or on vacation, I’m going to enjoy it; then I work extra hard to get back to where I was.”