Gap Aims to 'Empower All Women' with Ad of a Mother Breastfeeding Her Baby

Clothing brand Gap got positive feedback about a new ad that shows a mother breastfeeding her baby

Gap wants moms to know that their clothes are comfortable enough for any task — including breastfeeding.

A new ad posted on social media, which shows a mother nursing her baby son, drew cheers online for giving breastfeeding a major platform.

The mom is wearing a v-neck sleep shirt from the new Love by GapBody line, which a spokesperson from Gap says is designed for maximum comfort and confidence.

“We aim for the marketing around Love by GapBody to encourage and empower all women to be the woman they want to be as a friend, partner, wife, mother and voice in today’s society,” Gap tells PEOPLE.

Love By Gap Body

People excitedly applauded the ads, thanking Gap for “normalizing breastfeeding” in such a public way.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thank you @gap for showing breastfeeding 🙂 #normalizebreastfeeding,” wrote one Instagram user.

“There is so much to love about this ad! Thank you for supporting mothers!” added another.

Several commenters also pointed out how great it is to see a Black woman breastfeeding, considering the stigma around nursing in the Black community.

Love By Gap Body

“GAP this is AWESOME! Thank you for helping to normalize breastfeeding, featuring a black woman breastfeeding and a toddler nursing! So amazing of you,” one said.

And it was clearly a well-loved post — Gap’s Instagram photos typically get around 5,000 likes and a couple dozen comments, but this one already has 33,300 likes and nearly 2,000 comments.

Gym chain Equinox also had a notable breastfeeding ad in 2016, when they showed a mother nursing two babies while walking through a restaurant for their “Commit to Something” campaign.

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