STRONG will pair 10 women with 10 trainers to compete in extremely difficult physical challenges

Credit: John Tsiavis/NBC

Ten women from around the country will be teaming up with 10 of the best male trainers with various areas of expertise to lose weight and transform their lives on NBC’s new reality fitness competition show, STRONG, premiering April 13.

“It has a high level of difficulty,” host Gabrielle Reece tells PEOPLE of the show. “It’s sexy! The sets are really attractive. And I think it has a really human quality to it. The cast’s stories are stories that everyone can relate to.”

The contestants include a stay-at-home mom of three, a former cheerleader and a 30-year-old looking for love, all of whom must face epic physical challenges along with their trainers to advance in the competition.

“The trainers have to deliver as well,” says Reece, 46. “It’s not just them telling people what to do, they’re showing with their actions. The trainer is very invested in helping the woman [they’re paired with], and then he’s also busting his butt for her.”

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Reece wanted to be involved with the show because of the focus on self-improvement.

“[I was drawn to] the notion of people going through life, and then deciding, ‘I’m going to be better’,” says the world-class athlete. “For me, coming from a sports background, it was always about trying to be better. That doesn’t mean just physically. It’s this idea of, ‘How do I approach obstacles or challenges?’ ”

“I loved the idea of these women saying, I want to either find the old me or get myself defined and find my real voice,” she continues. “I’m very inspired by [them].”

While viewers are sure to find the women relatable and root for them, the trainers are an appealing reason to tune in to the show.

“The trainers are badass,” says Reece, “and they’re not awful to look at!”