"I have a certain number of failures that I haven't had before," Dr. Terry Dubrow says of the show's sixth season

Dr. Terry Dubrow knows he says it every year, but this time around he means it — the sixth season of Botched is the show’s most challenging yet.

With crazy cases — a woman who is “double stacked” with four breast implants, another with pubic hair growing out of her cheek because of a bad skin graft and, of course, tons of poorly-done butt injections — Dubrow says he had a tough time solving many of them.

“Every year I say, this is the hardest season yet, and I realize that — but this season is actually completely different,” he tells PEOPLE.

With Brazilian butt injections becoming one of the most popular plastic surgery choices, and with people jetting off to other countries to have them done illegally, Dubrow says he spent much of the season trying to correct the botched surgeries.

“It’s very, very butt-heavy,” he says. “Butt augmentations have exploded here and around the world. I’ve seen so many botched butt augmentations that I’ve had to come up with all kinds of unconventional ways to fix it. This season is super hard.”

Dubrow admits that his solutions didn’t always work.

“I have a certain number of failures that I haven’t had before, that I had to fix,” he says. “That’s something you haven’t seen before. I had some troubles that I struggled through. That’s what makes this season different.”

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And Dubrow reluctantly says that his co-surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif, one-upped him this season.

“Before I thought he was good but I’m better, but this season Paul has upped his game with those short thumbs to the next level,” Dubrow says. “There are some things he does that I don’t know if I could, which is very big for me to say. He’s also had some work done and he’s engaged to 28-year-old. Big year for Paul!”

Botched will air a special on Oct. 29 at 10 p.m. ET/PT ahead of the sixth season premiere on Nov. 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, all on E!