Fitness Trainer Emily Skye Welcomes Her First Child: 'So Happy to Finally Meet My Gorgeous Girl'

Fitness trainer Emily Skye welcomed her first child on Monday, a daughter named Mia Elise

Photo: Emily Skye

The wait is finally over!

Fitness trainer Emily Skye welcomed her first child, a daughter named Mia Elise, on Monday.

“So happy to finally meet my gorgeous girl Mia Elise Redmond,” Skye, 32, shared on Instagram.

Baby Mia weighed in at 7 lbs., 7 oz., and arrived just before noon on Monday in their hometown of Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia.

Skye’s partner, Declan Redmond, also shared a photo of Skye and Mia, writing, “The two loves of my life @emilyskyefit & Mia Elise Redmond.”

The glowing mom added, “@recdedmond & I having constant love explosions!!”

Skye carried Mia to full term, and was growing impatient while waiting for her to arrive. On Sunday, she shared a video of her “Bikini Baby Belly Boogie,” an attempt to dance the baby out.

“This poor little girl has a nut bag as a mother, no wonder she doesn’t want to get out!” Skye joked on Instagram. “C’MON baby girl don’t be shy!! Sure, I’m as crazy as they come but I promise I’ll love you as much as the universe and there will NEVER be a dull moment with @recdedmond and me as parents!”

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Skye learned over the 40 weeks of pregnancy that things don’t always go according to plan. She had intended to stay active throughout the nine months, but had terrible morning sickness during her first trimester, and then was too lethargic to exercise the rest of the way.

She emphasized that women shouldn’t feel pressured to work out, and should listen to their bodies.

“Pregnancy is only short term. You shouldn’t beat yourself up over something that doesn’t last long,” Skye previously told PEOPLE. “The most important thing is to do what’s best for you and your baby.”

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