Instagram Fitness Guru Kayla Itsines Under Fire for Allegedly Overcharging for Fitness App

Fans of the insanely popular trainer say they were charged repeatedly for her fitness app

Photo: Source: Kayla Itsines/Instagram

Mega-popular fitness trainer Kayla Itsines is under fire from some of her 4.4 million Instagram fans for allegedly overcharging for her workout app.

Itsines devotees can download her app, Sweat with Kayla, at no charge from the iTunes store, and get a free, seven-day trial to check out the exercise plans, workouts, meal plans and more. But to even get that trial, users have to put in their credit card information, and once the trial period is up, they get charged $19.99 a month unless they cancel.

And according to some of her fans, they were charged even after ending their subscription, because app requires users to also turn off the auto-renew option through iTunes.

“The cancellation process and customer service is horrendous,” writes one reviewer on iTunes. “I cancelled after 2/3 days, well before the trial expired, but due to the auto-renew, am on the hook for the months I didn’t realize the app was still active.”

They’re even taking to the 24-year-old Australian fitness guru’s Instagram to complain, with one fan writing, “I’ve tried getting out of the subscription numerous times however your explanation on how to out of it isn’t very clear. I’ve since been charged twice after deleting the app. Such a shame to see your business model fail just so you can get the most money.”

To make matters worse, others say the app is glitchy and often malfunctions, and some users are even saying that it shared personal information like their weight, photos, and email addresses without their consent, according to Australia’s The Courier Mail.

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But Itsines’ public relations manager, Bec Sealey, told The Courier Mail that they have not heard any complaints about the app overcharging users or exposing private information.

“We invite our customers to contact our team directly if they experience any such issues so that we are able to resolve them,” Sealey said. PEOPLE was unable to reach Sealey for comment.

“As always, we have the interests and wellbeing of our fitness community at heart and welcome contact from any of our customers should they require assistance from our team at any time.”

However, commenters are saying that their emails and calls to customer service are going ignored.

“I emailed your sales customer service a week ago and haven’t received a response,” says one on Instagram.

“The customer service is the worst customer service I think I have ever dealt with,” writes another on iTunes. “I emailed them within the time to cancel my account and they did not get back to me FOR OVER A MONTH telling me they had an email malfunction and could not refund me my money.”

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