Fitness influencer Emily Skye shared a 6-months-pregnant selfie and urged women not to feel guilty about skipping workouts

Credit: Emily Skye/Instagram

Emily Skye may be a fitness influencer, but six months into her pregnancy, she has no problem with skipping workouts.

The Australian trainer shared a selfie of her growing baby bump on Monday, and urged her pregnant followers not to worry about ditching the gym.

“I have barely exercised these past few weeks, I was traveling and also wasn’t feeling good so I listened to my body and rested,” Skye, 32, wrote on Instagram. “Listening to your Doc/Ob/Midwife is important but sometimes things they’ve cleared you to do don’t feel right. That’s why I believe being in tune with your body is the most important thing.”

Skye says it isn’t worth it to compare yourself to other women.

“I just want you ladies to know that you shouldn’t feel bad or guilty if you can’t exercise while pregnant,” she says. “We’re all different and our priority right now is of course the health of our baby/babies. If it means you’re only allowed and able to stay in bed then so be it. Don’t compare yourself to other ladies and what they’re doing.”

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Skye just returned from a busy trip to Los Angeles — her last overseas trip before she gives birth — and admits that she had to remember to take care of her body.

“I had press and meetings but had to postpone a couple of things because I wasn’t well enough. I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in myself for not pushing through as I usually would but I quickly stopped that way of thinking. I’m pregnant and exhausted and I need to cut myself some slack,” she says.

“If you’re ever feeling disappointed in yourself just remind yourself that you’re human and can’t always do everything or get everything right!”