The fitness trainer said she posted old photos of her ripped stomach hours earlier "to cover up"
Emily Skye pregnant

Emily Skye is expecting another fitness buddy!

The Australian fitness influencer shared Wednesday that she’s pregnant with her second child, another daughter to join big sister Mia, 2.

“I thought 2019 was big but not as big as my belly’s gonna be in 2020!?” Skye, 34, posted on Instagram. “We’re so excited & blessed to have a sibling for Mia on the way and can’t wait to share the journey with you!”

The trainer shared two photos of herself in a bikini with a visible bump, which came as a shock to followers after Skye had posted a picture showing her ripped abs just a few hours earlier. Skye explained in her Instagram story that she had to share old photos until it was safe to reveal her pregnancy.

“I had to keep posting some old stuff because I am showing, and I just didn’t want people to know until I had a chance to announce, and [was in] what they call the safe period, some people sadly lose babies and it can happen any time,” she said. “…And cause my age as well — I’m classed as high-risk so you never know what could happen, so I had to keep throwing people off as well, and I didn’t want the news to get out before I had the chance.”

Skye added that she and her partner, Declan Redmond, had some trouble conceiving.

“This didn’t happen easily, and I know some people go through a lot worse,” she said. “We spent all year trying, it was really difficult, and I just feel really blessed that it happened and that we have another baby on the way.”

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Skye also said that she wanted to announce her pregnancy on her “own terms.”

“It’s fun to announce, and you want to be able to do it on your own terms,” she said.

Skye had a difficult pregnancy with her first daughter, and struggled with severe morning sickness and then lethargy that kept her from being as active as she would have liked. And after Mia was born in Dec. 2017, Skye suffered from postpartum depression.

Plus, as a fitness influencer, Skye knew there would be pressure to “bounce back” immediately after her pregnancy to her muscular body — but she refused to care.

“I’ve never looked at what other fitness women on Instagram do and try to compare myself with them,” she previously told PEOPLE. “I just focus on what I’m doing and try to be as honest and open with my followers about my experiences as I can.”