Duncan has just 12 days left until her due date!
Credit: Source: Chontel Duncan/Instagram

Chontel Duncan is again proving that every pregnancy is unique.

The HIIT trainer and bodybuilder from Australia posted another photo comparing her baby belly to a friend’s.

This time around though, they’re further apart in their pregnancies. Duncan has just 12 days to go until her son arrives, while her friend has another 12 weeks to wait for her little one.

But unlike the last time, when Duncan’s friend was carrying her third baby, they’re both on their first pregnancies.

“Happy, healthy, baking, first-time expecting mummy’s. 12 weeks to go, 12 days to go, fit pregnancies!” Duncan captioned the photo of her and her client, Tegan.

After her first photo went viral, Duncan told PEOPLE that she was surprised by the crazed reaction.

“I thought it d be very obvious that we would carry differently,” Duncan, 27, said. “I’m clearly extremely tall and hold a lot more muscle mass. Plus it was [my friend] Nat s third pregnancy. It’s my first.”

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Duncan also talked about how she changed up her fitness routine during her pregnancy.

“My approach to my fitness now [that I’m] pregnant has been a slow progression of modifying exercise after exercise as I get further into my pregnancy,” she explained. “I’ve enjoyed training while pregnant and haven’t felt like it’s more effort – it’s just a motherly instinct to taper particular movements as you feel the body change and ability lessen.”

Still, that doesn’t seem to stop people from posting judgmental comments on Duncan’s social media. After she posted two videos of her strength training workouts Wednesday, the critics came out in full force.

“I know this sounds harsh, but it’s so bloody annoying how the uneducated can’t just move on,” she captioned one video. “You have no idea about me, haven’t pre-screened me, haven’t been to any of my appointments. You also aren’t even qualified in the field. Yes you’ve had a baby or a number of babies, but that’s not making you a doctor… Sorry!”

“I’m 100 percent doing what is 100 percent safe for my baby and my body,” she continued. “What works for me may not work for the next pregnant lady… that is obvious.”