These Fit Moms Inspire Thousands on Instagram with Their Kid-Friendly Workout Routines

Instagram account 'Fit Moms of Instagram' showcases moms around the world who add fitness into their busy schedules in creative and unique ways

Photo: Courtesy Corey Hartung

With so many responsibilities on the plates of new moms, it’s easy to see how fitness can sometimes take a back seat.

But Fit Moms of Instagram is here to help inspire change. The popular account – which has 210K followers – features moms around the world incorporating fitness into their busy schedules in creative and unique ways.

The women featured on the account range from expecting mothers to toddler moms – all with varying degrees of fitness backgrounds.

Athlete Corey Hartung is one of the moms whose posts were featured on the account. The NCAA All American gymnast hasn’t competed professionally in seven years, but works to maintain her balance and strength with routines alongside her son.

“I’ve become a juggler I suppose,” Hartung says in one post. “Life is a big circus. And for all of us mothers who manage, keep putting on that beautiful show.”

Hartung also uses her son to add weight to her everyday fitness exercises, like crunches and “baby burpees.”

In addition to posts like Hartung’s, the account also often shows moms how they can do simple exercises like squats and lunges while accomplishing daily chores. One video, by personal trainer and mother of four Jennifer Gelman, turns making lunch into an calorie-burning workout.

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Anna Strode – who has 34.7k followers on her own popular fitness Instagram account – is a mom to 1-year-old identical twins Lachie and Samuel. She says working out with her young children has given her “#FitFam” important bonding time.

“Babies and children shouldn’t be your excuse for why you can’t workout, it should be your reason as to why you CAN!” she writes in one post. “Look how much fun Lachie and Samuel are having. It gets them outside. They get to crawl and explore the garden, climb all over me, get dirty and breathe in lots of beautiful fresh air! This is easily our favorite part of the day.”

“Don’t get trapped into the thought that you don’t have time or your kids won’t enjoy it – just give it a try!” Strode adds. “I promise you will laugh, sweat and love your way to a healthier, more positive and energetic mind and of course you will see some amazing changes in your body too. It’s a win win.”

The Fit Moms of Instagram account occasionally posts transformation photos too, like this inspiring post from mom Morgan Gillespie, who says the loose skin she has after her weight loss “isn’t a curse, but a trophy of triumph for overcoming my fears.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve been inspired by fit moms.

Earlier this month, mom Kristy Ardo told PEOPLE about how incorporating her 20-month-old son Tucker into her old workout routine changed her.

“One day I picked him up and did lunges and squats and he laughed and giggled the whole time,” the 25-year-old told PEOPLE. “It made my workout fun and enjoyable. Now it is a great bonding time for us.”

Ardo says she struggled previously to find time to workout. “I suddenly had to figure out how to juggle my own health while taking care of a baby. With the lack of sleep it was hard to find time or energy. I couldn’t justify going to the gym by myself after getting off work. Spending time with him is my priority,” she explained.

Ardo also shares her workouts on her Instagram account, and says she’s learned a lot from following fit moms on social media.

“It gives moms hope that they can still get back into shape after having kids,” Ardo says. “Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you have to put your health on the back burner! You can turn it into a positive bonding time.”

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