Kristy Ardo shares workout tips on Instagram, where she posts videos of her exercising with her toddler and newborn sons

Credit: Shots By Angie

For personal trainer Kristy Ardo, two kids are better than one — but working out with them is way more hectic!

The dive coach first shared Instagram videos incorporating her son Tucker into her workouts when he was born in 2014. Now she’s doubled the exercise fun with the arrival of her 4-month-old son, Tate.

“It is definitely more challenging with the two of them!” Ardo, 26, tells PEOPLE. “Sometimes I have to take multiple breaks in between lunges to change diapers, nurse, or calm down a crying baby. It’s a lot to handle!”

The Arizona-based Ardo started exercising with Tucker when he was a newborn, and as he grew up (and gained weight!) their workouts became the perfect way to spend time together.

She and Tucker kept up their routine during her second pregnancy with baby Tate.

“He was at such a fun age and started to copy all my exercises,” Ardo says. “He would always kiss my belly and knew that something was coming! Working out with my little buddy made exercise a fun bonding experience rather than a chore. Looking back I really cherish those last few workouts we had together.”

After giving birth to Tate in July, Ardo felt like her body recovered faster than before, so she started doing light exercises four weeks postpartum. By the time Tate was two months old, he was ready to join in.

“Tate is one strong baby! He had full neck control by two months,” Ardo says. “He has been quite the crier too so I started doing lunges and squats with him when he was two months old. It really helped soothe him and calm him down — probably because he was used to all the squats in my belly.”

And Tucker, who’s now up to 30 lbs., loves their workouts more than ever.

“Now he watches everything I do and copies me,” she says. “He’s an expert at planking and doing burpees, plus he loves using my workout bands. He also LOVES basketball. He will shoot hoops all day long.”

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While Ardo aims for 15 minutes of exercise a day, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. But she finds a way to fit in strength-training moves no matter what.

“It can be tough to dedicate a specific time to working out in all the chaos! When this happens I will do lunges when I am cooking, or push-ups as I clean up the toys, or squats while trying to potty train my 2-year old,” she says. “We’re still figuring out a routine, and we take one day at a time.”