This Fit Mom-to-Be Is Three Days Overdue and Still Weight Lifting Over 100 Lbs.

Emily Breeze Ross is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby boy

Photo: Emily Breeze/InstaGram

So close and yet so far!

Fit mom-to-be Emily Breeze Ross is still anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby boy – and hitting the gym to pass the time.

The CrossFit athlete and personal trainer posted a video Monday, three days past her due date, as she did squats and power cleans with over 100 lbs. on the barbell.

“I’m steady growing and so is baby boy!!” Ross captioned the video. “Feels: lots of energy, excitement, nervous butterflies for labor, and swollen! Baby: strong heartbeat, lots of movement, and wayyyyy to damn comfy taking up real estate in my belly.”

Ross stayed on top of her fitness throughout her pregnancy, hitting her CrossFit gym for weight lifting and bootcamp classes with approval from her doctor.

“Working out during pregnancy helps me mentally and physically, and I am so thankful for my doctors, nurses, coaches and friends who support me and continue to lift me up,” she wrote in one post. “Strong mommies make strong babies!!”

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And other than one five-day break for a sciatic nerve issue, she’s been healthy throughout.

But now Ross is ready to meet her baby boy.

“We are all very patiently (read:ANXIOUSLY) still waiting on baby boy Watson to arrive,” she posted Sunday. “He is still cookin’ and taking his sweet time to make his entrance – hopefully he doesn’t get his mammas ‘always late’ quality.”

And really, Ross says, her workouts are nothing compared to the pang of wanting to have her baby.

“I try to keep my normal routine and not obsess with counting down the seconds before my baby arrives!” she captioned another workout video. “(which is harder than the workout).”

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