Fit mom Sia Cooper slammed her Instagram critics for sending death threats, all because she comments on celebrity posts

Fit mom Sia Cooper is fighting back against the dozens of Instagram commenters who started criticizing her for her social media presence.

The personal trainer, 29, regularly leaves comments on the Instagram pages of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj for fun, and because it brings more people to her own Instagram page, @diaryofafitmommyofficial. And thanks to Instagram’s algorithm, her comments are often the first ones people see while scrolling through their feeds, because Cooper is a verified user with over 1 million followers.

With her own comments front and center, Cooper suddenly started getting more attention, which led to harmful and explicit replies to her own posts.

“I get bullied and harassed on a daily basis because I choose to comment on Instagram,” she wrote on Instagram. “I get called fat, ugly, annoying, stupid and a bad mom because I comment and interact with my favorite pages to follow. The hate that I get is so insane and hypocritical because they do the exact same.”

Cooper said she even receives death threats.

“I’ve even had comments from people saying to ‘KYS’ which stands for ‘kill your self,’ and messages saying they were going to kill my children,” she said.

The majority of the hateful comments, though, are from people who believe she’s neglecting her children in favor of leaving Instagram comments.

“People have also asked how I have time to comment. Well, it’s my job — and if you are seeing my comments then you are likely on social media just as much as I am,” Cooper wrote in a blog post. “Then people will criticize me for ‘not taking care of my kids’ but little do they know or CARE, my kids are happy and healthy. I am not neglecting anyone in order to comment nor am I am on my phone all day.”

Cooper says asks people to consider the new Instagram algorithm.

“The person whom you should really be upset with is this new Instagram algorithm. They choose to highlight my comments, but this is how I always commented. Nothing new here folks,” she said. “I make $500,000 a year and I am able to support my family of 4 so I’m happy to be here. Even when haters are trying their best to faze me.”

And Cooper is certainly used to dealing with negative comments. When she was first gaining popularity in 2015 and pregnant with her second child, she heard plenty of criticism because she continued to work out.

“When I first started blogging, they would bother me so badly and hurt my feelings,” she told PEOPLE at the time. “Nowadays, I do not even glance twice because it is honestly part of my business. The best way to deal with negative comments is to not reply and move on, but know that you are doing the very best that you can and are happy doing it.”

And overall, she’s happy to have her Instagram community.

“I’m so thankful for @instagram and this page of mine,” she wrote on Friday. “It’s taken me to so many places and I’ve met so many amazing people! And I don’t care what anyone says, I’ve got the BEST followers in the world!”