Why This Fit Mom Gained Less Weight During Her Third Pregnancy – with Twins!

Sophie Guidolin gained 62 lbs. with one child – but only 37 lbs. with twins!

Photo: Source: Sophie Guidol/Instagram

Fit mom Sophie Guidolin is proving that fitness can completely change a pregnancy – with her own photos!

Guidolin, a fitness trainer in Australia, posted side-by-side photos of her first pregnancy with one child next to a shot of when she was carrying twins at the same gestation. And though she has two babies in her belly in the second photo – her bump is much smaller.

Guidolin, 27, credits her focus on exercise and nutrition with the twins – her third pregnancy – for the difference.


“My first pregnancy, I didn’t exercise at all,” Guidolin tells PEOPLE. “I felt tired all the time and struggled with the labor and the pregnancy. My third pregnancy I exercised the entire time and continued to work all the way through the pregnancy.”

When she had her first two kids, both sons who are now 8 and 7, Guidolin lived an entirely different lifestyle.

“I had very little idea about nutrition, and would eat packaged noodles and flavored milks to fill me up,” she says. “I rarely made things from scratch and didn’t really understand the difference a healthy lifestyle would make. My third pregnancy, I listened to my body, ate only meals from scratch – a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits – and had a clean lifestyle.”

Her hard work paid off – Guidolin gained just 37 lbs. with her twins, now 7 months old, after gaining 62 lbs. with her first child. And Guidolin’s healthy lifestyle helped her bounce back after.

“I feel as though my fitness and strength that I continued throughout allowed me a better recovery,” she says.

Guidolin wants other women to see her photo and know that it’s never too late to overhaul their health.

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“I wanted to inspire women who may have experienced a hard pregnancy previously that it is possible to change your lifestyle and completely change your own personal experience and health,” she says.

“My personal experience has been worlds apart since changing my lifestyle, and I really want others to know that they too can make some positive changes in their life.”

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