Fit Mom Emily Breeze Delivers Her Baby – Two Weeks Late! It Was 'the Workout of My Life'

The CrossFit instructor is thrilled to finally meet her baby boy

Photo: Emily Breeze/InstaGram

He’s finally here!

After two weeks of waiting, fit mom Emily Breeze Ross gave birth to her first child, son Bly Rhunar Watson.

“Today we fell deep in love with our first born child,” Ross wrote on Instagram. “There are so many emotions I don’t know where to begin. Welcome to the world.”

Breeze wowed her followers by continuing to lift over 100 lbs. right up to her due date – and after.

She even fit in a tough workout running stairs and hills two days before she was induced, on Sunday.

“Happy Friday y’all – doing my favs (hills and stairs) one last time before the workout of my life this weekend,” Ross captioned a video of her workout.

While she faced plenty of critics who said she was harming her baby by continuing to do workouts with heavy weights and jumping, the two-time CrossFit Games competitor assured her followers that she has the approval of her doctors.

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“Working out during pregnancy helps me mentally and physically, and I am so thankful for my doctors, nurses, coaches and friends who support me and continue to lift me up,” she wrote. “Strong mommies make strong babies!!”

Ross wrote Wednesday, after her last CrossFit workout of her pregnancy, that she didn’t continue working out for the fame and attention – she just wanted to maintain the healthy lifestyle she believes in.

“I knew from day 1 that I was going to continue to do what I felt passionate about and done all my life so long as my pregnancy would allow,” she captioned the post. “It wasn’t for insta fame or vain reasons, but because I believe whole heartedly in health and wellness. I am amazed by a woman’s body and equally thankful that I’ve been able to stay active and do what I love all the way through til the end.”

Congratulations to Ross and her husband!

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