Fit Mom Emily Breeze Shares Postpartum Workouts Days After Giving Birth

Emily Breeze was thrilled to start working out again, and the fit mom is back to running and squats – with her newborn by her side

Photo: Instagram

Someone is looking for her old six-pack.

Fit mom Emily Breeze Ross got right back into her workouts after giving birth to her son Bly, born on May 16.

Two weeks after he arrived, Ross did a light workout outside her house before heading to her local CrossFit gym.

“Lets get after it!! I’m so excited to be back!!” she posted on Instagram.

The coach and two-time CrossFit Games competitor continued to ramp up her workouts, and at three weeks postpartum, Ross posted another video, this time of her running while pushing her son in a stroller.

“Summer mornings are PERFECT for running!” she captioned the video.

Now that it’s been a month since she gave birth, Ross is once again lifting weights, doing jumping moves and working on her ab muscles – to the dismay of many of her followers.

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While some people are commending Ross for her motivating fitness posts, other commenters are concerned that she may be harming her pelvic floor by getting back into exercise too quickly.

But Ross isn’t letting the criticism get to her. Instead she’s happy to show her son – who is right by her side during her workouts – the benefits of exercise.

“I gave birth to my lil’ dude in the background one month ago and I am focused on showing him that health is your wealth!” she captioned another video.

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