Fit Mom Chontel Duncan Embraces Her Loose Skin After Welcoming Third Child: 'Keeping It Real'

"I just want women to feel confident & normal," wrote the Australian personal trainer, who welcomed her third child on Aug. 18

Photo: CHONTEL DUNCAN/ instagram

Chontel Duncan is getting candid about her post-baby body.

On Monday, the fitness influencer and mother of three posted a pair of photos on Instagram celebrating her body and giving fans an honest look at the loose skin on her stomach.

Duncan — who welcomed her third child, son Paris Samuel, 11 weeks ago — shared a message of body positivity while explaining that her body can look different from day to day, depending on factors like photo angles and time.

"Just keeping it real. Of course, when I press my stomach I’m going to showcase my loose skin," wrote Duncan, who is also mom to sons Jeremiah Thomas, 4, and Swayde Noel, 3. "This is NORMAL, I mean my body stretch 3 times over in the space of 4 years. INSANE!"

"My body looks different and showcases muscle tone, excess fat/skin, curves, bone differently, depending on what angle I’m in & what time of the day the photo was taken," she continued. "This doesn’t mean my second image (swipe across) is misleading in any way, because that’s legitimately how I look when I flex and stand tall in flattering apparel."

Duncan added that she wants "women to feel confident & normal, because growing a little human is no walk in the park, it’s a big deal."

"I don’t want women to ever feel like they’re doing something wrong, or to put any pressure on themselves when they see a well-posed photo with good lighting," she concluded.

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Back in 2016, a photo posted by Duncan went viral, with the fitness trainer posing with a friend and showing off their very different pregnant bellies. She told PEOPLE at the time that she didn't expect the reaction she received.

“I thought it'd be very obvious that we would carry differently,” Duncan said at the time. “I’m clearly extremely tall and hold a lot more muscle mass. Plus it was [my friend] Nat's third pregnancy. It’s my first.”

Duncan said she wanted to show that every body is unique, and that people shouldn’t judge each other based on appearance. Plus, she added, women shouldn’t be afraid of how their bodies will change when they start carrying a baby.

“It also shows women that pregnancy isn't all about going from one extreme to another — women shouldn't fear pregnancy,” Duncan said.

Later that year, Duncan, who owns gyms in Australia, revealed details of her first child's birth, telling followers that her six-pack abs made it difficult for doctors to perform a c-section.

“They struggled to rip Jeremiah from my tummy as my abs locked him in super tight as I began vomiting during the operation,” Duncan recalled at the time. “This is why my scar was cut up on my right side because the surgeon had to cut me further and use forceps to successfully get Jeremiah out.”

“Perhaps a down side to a strong core,” she joked.

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