Fit Mom Chontel Duncan Is Expecting Her Second Baby!: 'I'm So Over the Moon'

Fit mom Chontel Duncan announced that she's expecting her second baby, and says she was nervous to share the journey again after facing criticism

Get ready for more incredibly fit baby belly photos!

Trainer Chontel Duncan announced on Tuesday that she’s four months pregnant with her second child.

“Come September, we’ll be welcoming baby number two into the Duncan residence. Yes, that means I’m pregnant! I’m over four months pregnant and I’m so over the moon, we are so happy and cannot wait to meet our little baby,” she says in an Instagram video.

The Australian gym owner previously wowed Instagram users with her tiny baby bump throughout her first pregnancy with son Jeremiah Thomas, 13 months. And while she gained plenty of fans during those nine months, Duncan also dealt with critics who said she was harming her baby by continuing to workout, which made her more hesitant to share the happy news this time around.

Source: Chontel Duncan/Instagram

“I have finally built up the courage to open up another journey in my life with you all,” she adds. “I have fear; I have so much fear, actually. There’s always going to be the negative side … But I’ve chosen to continue to share my life with you guys as I always have.”

Duncan says she’ll continue to post on Instagram, and is adding YouTube vlogging to her repertoire during her pregnancy.

“I hope that by sharing my journey, I inspire, educate, motivate and help — just one person,” she says. “Hopefully by doing it, it’ll give you a bigger insight into what’s going on with my body movements, my food, my mind, just how I’m feeling and coping with pregnancy number two. I look forward to sharing a little bit more, but guys: we’re expecting!”

And she immediately stuck to her promise, posting a photo and video of her Wednesday workout of chin-ups and bicep exercises.

“Power to us women #18.5weeks #babyno2 #feelempowered #sisterhood,” Duncan writes.

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