Fit mom Chontel Duncan is sharing the story of her surprise c-section and how difficult it was to remove her son around her tight abs

Chontel Duncan
Credit: Source: Chontel Duncan/Instagram

Chontel Duncan didn’t expect to have a C-section scar, but she couldn’t be more proud of it.

The fitness trainer and mom to 7-month-old Jeremiah had hoped to deliver her son with a vaginal birth, but, as she details in an Instagram post Friday, she had to go forward with a C-section.

The process wasn’t easy for the doctors, though. Duncan, 27, says her six-pack abs — that were visible for most of her pregnancy — made removing Jeremiah much more difficult.

“They struggled to rip Jeremiah from my tummy as my abs locked him in super tight as I began vomiting during the operation,” Duncan explains. “This is why my scar was cut up on my right side because the surgeon had to cut me further an[sic] use forceps to successfully get Jeremiah out.”

“Perhaps a down side to a strong core.”

Duncan, who owns multiple gyms in Australia with her husband, says she was horrified when she first found out that she would have to undergo a C-section—”I CRIED I felt like I failed”—but now she loves the scar that remains.

“To all the women out there wearing a cesarean scar, I am VERY proud of what mine means & for the beautiful gift I received through mine,” she says. “They are memories of the day we all became mummies.”

And Duncan hopes to have a few more kids — though she’s going to try for a vaginal delivery in the future.

“I would love 3 more children & I will always try for a vaginal birth with each one,” she says.