When Family By the Ton and My 600-Lb. Life return to TLC on Jan. 2, the shows will feature a family that weighs a combined 2,200 lbs., plus other stories of weight loss surgery


Family By the Ton is back and bigger than ever.

The weight loss show, along with My 600-Lb. Life, returns to TLC on Jan. 2 with new family members struggling to manage their weight. The King family, four cousins, weigh a combined 2,200 lbs. Each one is considering weight loss surgery.

Casey is the largest at over 700 lbs., and he lives at his parents’ house where he spends his days playing video games and eating.

“Because of my weight, my family is taking care of me,” he says in this exclusive clip from the new season.

And his cousin Amanda is in a tougher situation — along with weighing 650 lbs., she has endometrial cancer, and has to lose half her weight before she can even start treatment.

“This is serious for me, if I don’t lose weight I’m going to die from cancer,” Amanda says.

Cousins Ed and Amy, weighing 450 lbs. and just under 400 lbs., respectively, join in with Casey and Amanda on a weight-loss pact in the hopes of saving their lives.

The show will also check up on the Anderson family, the focus of the first season, as they continue to struggle with healthy eating following weight loss surgery.

Their surgeon, Dr. Charles Procter, says they’re at risk of harming themselves if they don’t get their eating on track.

“My concern is the rest of the family is not taking this seriously and they could all go back to the weight they were when I first met them, and even more,” he says.

My 600-Lb. Life premieres Jan. 2 at 8 p.m./7 p.m. central time, followed by the premiere of Family By the Ton at 10 p.m./9 p.m.