Woman's Boyfriend Dumps Her for Getting Weight Loss Surgery Because He Fears She'll Leave Him

Family By the Ton's Naomi Anderson is struggling to stick to her diet because her boyfriend dumped her for getting weight loss surgery

Naomi Anderson knew that getting weight loss surgery would change her life — but she didn’t expect her boyfriend to dump her because of it.

The Family By the Ton star says her boyfriend, Mike Faulkner, was initially on board with her surgery.

“In the beginning, when I decided I was going to have this surgery, Mike was actually super, super supportive and said, ‘Whatever you decide to do, I love you regardless, make the best decision for yourself.’ So obviously, I went forward with it … I had the surgery, and he was super supportive, until we came home,” Anderson, 30, says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode.

Anderson says that Faulkner became convinced that she was going to lose weight and leave him. And instead of talking to her about it, Faulkner just went ahead and dumped her.

“Mike will tell you that he knows me better than anybody in this world and I truly do believe him. And that’s scary because that means you know me better than anybody in this world, and you chose to hurt me the way that you did. You knew what it would do to me,” Anderson says, crying.

She tells her friends that she’s having a tough time, because Faulkner put the blame on her.

“I’ve been beating myself up about it, trying to wrap my head around what it is,” Anderson says. “Because when somebody keeps making you feel like its your fault, like you did something to them, like you caused it, you beat yourself up and in your brain you try to fix it, but it’s manipulative.”

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And ever since the breakup, she’s been struggling to stick to her post-surgery diet.

“It definitely did affect my weight loss,” Anderson says, explaining that she’s been eating her feelings. “When you are an emotional eater, your food is filling that void for a second. It gives you a temporary high that everything is okay, and then it goes away. And then you feel like s—.”

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