Family By the Ton's Naomi Anderson is supposed to be dieting ahead of her weight loss surgery, but she's caught hiding junk food

By Julie Mazziotta
January 17, 2018 04:26 PM

Family By the Ton’s Naomi Anderson is supposed to be eating healthfully to prepare for her upcoming weight loss surgery — but she may be cheating on her diet.

Anderson’s boyfriend approaches her after discovering a secret stash of ice cream bars in her freezer.

“We don’t hide anything from each other, so for you to have food, it’s got to be an underlying issue that you’re not telling me about,” her boyfriend, Mike Faulkner, says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode.

Anderson says it’s an “emotional thing” that pushed her to keep the stash of junk food, because as the nerves start to build ahead of her surgery, she’s also worried about her mom, who is currently in the hospital after her own bariatric weight loss surgery.

“I hid the food because I was kind of ashamed,” she says. “I know that I’ve been trying to eat good, but so much stuff was hitting me at one time, and I was like, why now. Why does this all have to happen now when I’m trying to make this change right now.”

Faulkner reminds Anderson that’s she’s already been doing a great job, and was able to stick to the liquid diet the doctors recommended.

“You gotta stay on track. You’ve been doing it. You’re right here. You gonna mess that up?” he asks.

“No I’m not going to mess that up, but still, life happens. How else am I supposed to deal with it when I’ve got other stuff going on?” she responds.

“You gotta find another way to channel that,” Faulkner says. “That’s how it was with my smoking. I tried to quit — and I quit plenty of times, I was good at quitting — but life. But we’ve both got reasons to quit. Each other.”

Anderson says she’s starting to see that she relies too much on food for comfort.

“It’s really important to me to have children, to have healthy children, and be healthy while having those children. But I don’t think I realized the food was a dependency as much as it is,” she says. “It’s so difficult for me at this point, that I’m realizing that maybe my problem was a little bit bigger than I realized.”

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