Women Who Undergo Facelifts are Perceived as More Attractive, Healthy and Successful, Study Says

A Johns Hopkins University study found that women who had undergone a facelift were seen as younger, healthier and more successful

Doctor marking lines on patients face before rhytidoplasty
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Many women (and men) choose to go under the knife to appear more attractive and younger, and a new study shows that plastic surgery may actually make people appear more successful and healthier as well.

The study, conducted by a group of Johns Hopkins University researchers, asked 483 people to take a web-based survey, during which they were shown images of 13 female patient faces before or after a facelift. The surveyed group was asked to estimate the age of the patient, and rate the attractiveness, perceived success and perceived overall health for each patient.

“In this study, observer perceptions of face-lift surgery were associated with views that patients appeared younger, more attractive, healthier and more successful,” the study concludes. “These findings highlight the multidimensional positive association of face-lift surgery and implications regarding social perceptions beyond restoring a youthful appearance.”

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani says he is not surprised by the results of the study.

“Modern facelift techniques will make all the main problems associated with facial aging go away and make people look younger — droopy cheeks, lip corners, jowls and neck bands all get reversed,” Mani tells PEOPLE. “This translates to looking more confident, successful, vital and all the things that often appeal to others. Many of my patients are professionals who enjoy the benefits of renewed youth and [with that], the confidence it gives you. I’ve done my lift on politicians and heads of state who had even more confidence and success after the procedure.”

The research group believes the confidence boost from a facelift may translate into increased success, both in career and personal life.

“Patients undergoing facelifts who feel better about their own appearance have more confidence and energy to approach all aspects of their life,” Dr. Lisa Ishii, co-author of the study, told Yahoo Beauty. “They may experience tangible benefits, such as professional success based on colleagues perceiving them as more able.”

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And more people are opting to get plastic surgery than ever before. Cosmetic surgery spending in the U.S. has reached a record high of $15 billion, reports Reuters.

“A lot of it is the emphasis on looking young that comes with the [rise of] new media,” Mani says of the increase. “There are new paradigms of fame and success, and the social media machine that drives it is run by young people. Instagram in particular has given plastic surgery a huge boost, because it’s very visual.”

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