Many of them are available to ship within a few days

By Christina Butan
Updated May 11, 2020 12:50 PM
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Everyday Yesterday/ Etsy

With the CDC officially recommending that all Americans wear some sort of cloth face covering to slow the spread of coronavirus, you may be scrambling to get your own. While making a face mask at home is totally feasible (the CDC even put together instructions on how to do so), cloth face masks are becoming more readily shoppable online. In fact, there are over 500,000 available on Etsy, where many sellers have recently added face masks to their storefronts.

Since the CDC emphasized that surgical masks and N-95 respirator masks should be reserved for medical professionals, purchasing a washable cloth face mask on Etsy is an easy way to support a small business while following CDC guidelines. Many of the face masks on the site use decorative and colorful fabrics, a fun and kid-friendly touch during uneasy times.

Below, we rounded up 13 Etsy sellers located in the United States that are currently making reusable face masks. While you should generally expect longer delivery windows, many of these face masks are ready to ship in just a few days.

L Boutique By Olivia

L Boutique By Olivia is a custom dress shop for special occasions that has pivoted to making face masks for kids and adults. Shop owner Adele offers cotton masks in a variety of solid colors for kids and adults, and prices start at $12.50 depending on the size you choose. The masks are available to ship in one to two days, and the store offers free shipping in the United States. Check out all of L Boutique By Olivia’s face masks here.

LBoutiquebyOlivia/ Etsy

Buy It! L Boutique By Olivia Cotton Face Mask, from $12.50—$16.50;

Lola and Stella

Organic baby and toddler clothing shop Lola and Stella now makes adorable face masks made out of 100 percent cotton. The masks include a non-woven filter inside, and nylon elastic straps that go around your head. You can snag them in floral and fruit fabrics for both kids and adults. (Due to high demand, a limited number are currently available.) Check out all of Lola and Stella's face masks here.

Buy It! Lola and Stella Cotton Face Mask, $16–$18;

Two Palms Hawaii

This new Etsy storefront has converted the classic Hawaiian print into face masks. Made from three layers of 100 percent cotton, the reversible masks are made in Hawaii, and there are a variety of tropical and floral patterns to choose from. Each mask costs $15, and will ship out in just one to three days. Check out all of Two Palms Hawaii's face masks here.


Buy It! Two Palms Hawaii Hawaiian Print Face Mask, $14.99;

Michele’s Primitives

Storefront Michele’s Primitives has converted to selling face masks only. Made with three layers of cotton fabric, the masks are available in tons of different patterned fabrics, from florals to flannels. They ship quickly (in one to two days) with no extra shipping costs.


Buy It! Michele’s Primitives Three Layer Face Mask, $14.99;

Little Mia Bella

Little Mia Bella has added face masks to its mommy-and-me apparel storefront. Its double-layer cotton face masks come in bright colors for both kids and adults, and start at just $6. Over 100 shoppers have already left the masks five-star reviews, saying they're soft, breathable, and shipped quickly.


Buy It! Little Mia Bella Face Masks, $6–$7;

Everyday Yesterday

Etsy user Everyday Yesterday usually sells handmade goods and vintage knick knacks, but now has added colorful face masks to her listings. The face masks are made with two layers of 100 percent cotton, come in three sizes (small, medium, and large), and include elastic ear loops. They’re ready to ship in one day, and Everyday Yesterday offers free shipping in the United States. Keep in mind that there is limited availability for each mask. Check out all of Everyday Yesterday's masks here.


Buy It! Everyday Yesterday Face Masks, $14;

Little Wild Plum

Little Wild Plum usually makes adorable hand knit shoes for babies, but is now making equally cute face masks made out of the same material. The organic cotton masks come in small and large sizes for both children and adults, come pre-washed, and feel “like your favorite t-shirt for your face.” Shipping is free, and they’ll be at your door in seven to 10 days.


Buy It! Little Wild Plum Organic Cotton Face Masks, $14;

Madame George Vintage

Madame George Vintage's dedicated mask storefront features reusable masks for $12 each. Made from 100 percent cotton, the masks have a soft flannel lining and come in plain colors, as well as tie-dyed options. They ship in just one to two days for $3.05. Check out Madame George Vintage's storefront here.


Buy It! Madame George Vintage Tie Dye Reusable Cotton Mask, $12;

Designs by Karamarie

Designs by Karamarie originally started out with a whopping 60 face masks in tons of different designs, including leopard print and tie dye. She’s been refreshing her listing every few days with new cotton masks, and they always go fast thanks to their fun styles and fast, free shipping. Store owner Kara recommends washing your mask with soap and water upon receiving.


Buy It! Designs by Karamarie Washable Face Mask, $19.50;

Mask And Co

Mask and Co is a new Etsy shop dedicated to making face masks. Shop owner Brittany Smith makes new masks every day and refreshes her storefront daily with the new additions. She offers cute floral options alongside plain masks, which are all pre-washed and made from two layers of 100 percent cotton. You can shop individual masks for $14.99 or grab a pack of three for $41.99 (currently sold out). Check out the Mask and Co storefront here.


Buy It! Mask and Co Cloth Face Mask, $14.99–$41.99;

Bellacond By Bryana

Another mask-dedicated Etsy storefront, Bellacond By Bryana offers customizable face masks for children and adults. Store owner Bryana asks that you describe your size and pattern preference, which can include something different for both the front and back of the mask since it’s reversible. She also allows you to choose between elastic ear loops or ties, and if you’d like a filter slot. Depending on the availability, the masks are ready to ship in one day to a week.

BellacondByBryana/ Etsy

Buy It! Bellacond by Bryana Customizable Fabric Mask, from $10–13;

Something Promised

If you’re on a budget and have a big family, this pack of seven face masks from Etsy user Something Promised is the best bang for your buck. At $42 a pack (that’s $6 a mask!), the cotton blend coverings come in a variety of colors and patterns that promise to be “super cute.” Packs of 12 are also available for $65. The store is currently offering 10 percent off on all masks. Check out all of Something Promised’s face masks here.

SomethingPromised/ Etsy

Buy It! Something Promised 7-Piece Mask Family Pack, $42;

Cuckoos Designs

If you want a bandana style face covering without wearing an actual bandana, Cuckoos Designs has you covered. The storefront that previously specialized in homemade crafts has pivoted to only selling reusable face masks. Available in sizes for kids and adults, the paisley-printed masks come in a few color options and start at $10. Shoppers rave that the masks ship quickly and are great quality. Check out all of Cuckoos Designs' face masks here.


Buy It! Cuckoos Designs Paisley Face Mask, $9.99–$11.99;