Erica Lugo Gives Update 15 Weeks After Tummy Tuck, Says She '100% Would Do This Surgery Again'

The Biggest Loser trainer got a full tummy tuck in September

erica lugo
Erica Lugo. Photo: Erica Lugo/Instagram

Erica Lugo has no regrets about getting a tummy tuck.

The Biggest Loser trainer, who had her loose skin removed in a full tummy tuck in September, recently gave her followers an update on her progress following 15 weeks of recovery.

"15 weeks post 360 Tummy Tuck with @athenixbody where they took 9 lbs of skin off my midsection. JUST skin!!" she captioned side-by-side shots of herself. "100% would do this surgery again!"

Reflecting on her decision to undergo the procedure, Lugo — who lost 160 lbs. before joining USA Network's Biggest Loser reboot — said that while she had "always accepted" her loose skin, after she began to struggle with pain and rashes, she knew she had to take action.

Erica Lugo
Erica Lugo

"I lived 5 years with my loose skin. I've always accepted it. It was me. Part of my story. Only during the lockdown and I started running and doing a ton of body weight exercises did the loose skin start becoming bothersome," she wrote.

"My skin would rub against skin and cause rashes. My long runs were no longer enjoyable after having to constantly rub cream on my rashes. After realizing it was starting to interfere with me and my fitness goals, did I's got to go!" she added.

As Lugo's post came to a close, she emphasized that "surgery doesn't magically keep your body the 'new way' you have to work to maintain and for any new goals."

Lugo previously opened up to PEOPLE about the experience, saying she felt stunned by her body transformation.

"I don't even feel like this is my body," she said in October. "I didn't even know I could have a body like this."

"I feel like every single week my waist gets smaller and my swelling goes down and the shape is coming through," she added.

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Lugo shared that her husband had also noticed a major change in her.

"My husband has even said, 'You're just so much more confident in the way you carry yourself,' " she told PEOPLE. "He said, 'You know, normally when you would get out the shower you would make sure you had on two towels to cover up, and now you don't even care about grabbing the towel right away. If you're changing your sweaty gym clothes, you don't turn around like you used to.' "

"I thought that was really cool that he noticed my personality kind of changing to feeling more relaxed about myself," she continued, adding, "I feel like I worked so hard for this body and now I can actually enjoy it."

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