CVS temporarily removed Enfamil baby formula from their shelves after a Florida mom found a tampered container filled with flour

By Julie Mazziotta
September 06, 2018 05:46 PM
Credit: AP

CVS temporarily removed Enfamil baby formula from their shelves nationwide after a Florida mom discovered that her container had been tampered with, and replaced with flour.

Alison Denning purchased a container of Enfamil during the week of Aug. 19 at a CVS in Oldsmar, Florida. From the outside, the container looked untouched, with the sticker sealing the lid still in place. But when she opened up the formula, the seal over the inner bag was open.

Plus, Denning said, the substance inside “smells like typical baking flour,” she told ABC Action News in Tampa.

A representative for Enfamil tells PEOPLE that the container was allegedly purchased, tampered with and then returned to the CVS, where Denning then bought it.

Denning sent the container back to Enfamil for lab testing, and she said that the company has been helpful.

“I’m very relieved that they’re taking this seriously,” she said.

Enfamil emphasized to PEOPLE that this is an “isolated incident,” and the baby formula has not been recalled.

“We want parents to know that we take any potential tampering issue very seriously,” they said. “We are cooperating with CVS and the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation.”

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CVS’ decision to pull the product was solely “out of an abundance of caution,” a representative from the pharmacy tells PEOPLE.

“There was no recall, but Enfamil powder was temporarily unavailable in our stores last week due to an internal review conducted by CVS Pharmacy,” they said. “We did not identify any problem in other markets outside of Tampa. This was done out of an abundance of caution and we resumed sale of these products end of day last Friday.”

Enfamil adds that any concerned parents can contact them for assistance.

“While we believe this is an isolated incident, if parents have any questions or concerns we will immediately replace or exchange any product,” they said. “If a consumer is uncomfortable using a product they have purchased, they are welcome to call us 1-800-BABY123.”

Denning said that she was able to get a sample size of Enfamil from her pediatrician that had a sealed aluminum pop top, which makes it clear when the container has been opened. She believes that all Enfamil products should switch to this seal, for safety.

“Anyone who’s not 100% familiar with formula may have made a really bad mistake,” she said.