Influencer Emily Skye Has a 'New Appreciation' for Her Body After Unexpectedly Giving Birth at Home

"I said to myself, if I ever feel I don't like my body that I need to remember this moment and remember what my body has done," Emily Skye said of giving birth at home

Fitness influencer Emily Skye has a "new appreciation" for her body after she unexpectedly gave birth to her baby son Izaac at home in June.

"I didn't know the body could actually do that," Skye tells PEOPLE of how she pushed out her newborn all on her own, without any medication or assistance.

Izaac was due on July 3, but instead made his grand entrance on June 18 — on his big sister Mia's play mat. Skye, 35, says that the afternoon before she gave birth, she did a workout with Mia on her back. "I was feeling very heavy between my legs and down my legs, my inner thighs."

Skye remembers that she went to bed pretty late that night — around 12:30 a.m. — and "felt different."

"I felt kind of weird and calm," Skye says. "I went to bed and woke up with some cramps, which I had been having for about a week leading up to [my delivery]. They were like period cramps that would come and go, but they got a bit more intense in the night. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't."

Emily Skye Talks Home Birth Story
Emily Skye. Emily Skye/Instagram

Skye says that's when she began timing her contractions.

"They were six minutes apart, so I was like 'What does this mean?' and I started googling when do you go to the hospital. I quickly ran around the house, just packing a few extra things because I had already packed my [hospital] bag. I then told my partner Declan, 'I'm 98 percent sure I'm in labor.' "

Emily Skye Talks Home Birth Story
Emily Skye and baby Izaac. Emily Skye/Instagram

"I then had my bloody show," Skye shares of the vaginal discharge that occurs at the end of your pregnancy. (It's a sign that your mucus plug has loosened or already has been dislodged.)

Skye says she then phoned her birthing coach, who told her to wait around a bit before going to the hospital. However, shortly after Skye says she began howling, and she knew it was time.

"I was leaning over the couch downstairs, and my daughter was climbing on my back — we were playing 'horsey' — and I started screaming 'Get my underwear off!' "

"My daughter tried to help and I ended up getting them off and my partner was on the phone trying to get someone to watch Mia because my mom hadn't arrived. Then he called the ambulance and I was screaming, 'He's coming!' " Skye recalls.

"The moment I took my bottoms off, the water just broke, and it went everywhere. It was a lot."

At this point, Skye says Declan was told by the EMT over the phone to check if he could see baby Izaac's head.

"I knew by my partner's face the head was coming out, he had gone white. He told the lady on the phone, 'Yeah, I can see his head. It's half out!' Meanwhile, I'm roaring and my daughter Mia is screaming in horror and ended up running off and hiding because she was terrified," Skye shares.

The next thing Skye remembers is medical personnel rushing into her home, and that Izaac was already "three quarters out."

"I delivered him on the ground," Skye says. "I felt like I wanted to be up on my knees, but they needed me to be on my back and I did a lot of breathing to get me through it."

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Making Izaac's birth story all the more daunting, Skye says he was in a "posterior" position, meaning "he was facing up."

"His spine was along my spine, which is not ideal," she explains. "All I was thinking was, I hope he doesn't get stuck like my daughter did when I gave birth to her."

Soon, however, Izaac had entered the world.

"He was out and then they put him on my chest," Skye says. "I'm lying on the ground, on my daughter's play mat and my amniotic fluid is everywhere. There was blood everywhere. It was like a crime scene."

Skye says she also delivered the placenta, but in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

"It was pretty crazy because I just had a shirt on and nothing else," Skye says. "I got wheeled out of the house with my baby in one arm and the shirt had everything all over it."

Emily Skye Talks Home Birth Story
Emily Skye with Izaac and Mia. Emily Skye/Instagram

Skye says that before she gave birth at home she had dreamed of having a natural birth.

"A few days earlier, I told my birthing coach that the ideal situation for me would be to labor all at home. That's literally what happened. I manifested it," Skye says, laughing.

After arriving at the hospital, Skye and baby Izaac were "checked out" as Skye had lost a lot of blood during labor. Once she was settled, she remembers having an unforgettable moment that she will cherish forever.

"I went into the bathroom for the first time to have my shower and I saw myself in the mirror. I bursted into tears because I was so happy with what my body had done. I was talking to my body, saying: 'You're amazing. Thank you so much for doing this, for birthing my son.' I just had this new appreciation for my body that I've never had before."

While Skye had given birth before (she welcomed Mia in Dec. 2017) she says this experience was totally different.

"I had done it all at home and all on my own. I did it. My body did it. My body went into pushing out the baby itself, and I think it's so amazing," she says. "I said to myself, if I ever feel I don't like my body I need to remember this moment and remember what my body has done."

And Skye is in no rush to "snap back" to her pre-baby body — she just wants to be healthy.

"I don't want to live my life being so negative about myself. All through my 20s, I didn't like the way I looked, and I hated my body. I've also got a daughter, and I don't want her to ever feel those feelings, so I was like, I've got to change," Skye says of learning to love herself.

"I feel like I'm just getting better and better with self love and acceptance. It doesn't mean I don't ever look in the mirror and say 'ugh cellulite.' I notice it, but then I remember what I've done," Skye says.

Now, with two little ones at home, Skye admits that taking care of them both has been tough.

"It is bloody hard, but I obviously love him. Izaac is colicky. It was funny because he was in a rush to be here, and now he hates it here. He's hard but I'm managing. It gets hard when my partner is off at work, training. Sometimes [Mia and Izaac] will start screaming at the same time and I'll just cry, but I feel really good mentally."

Emily Skye Talks Home Birth Story
Declan with Izaac and Emily. Emily Skye/Instagram

Skye suffered with postpartum after giving birth to Mia, but says this time around she's in a better place and is aware of the warning signs.

"I'm feeling really good. I was aware of when these sort of changes can happen, it's usually three or four days after giving birth, you have hormone shifts. I did notice on the fourth day, after Izaac, I could feel something, but I just took it easy and focused on my breathing and then the next day is different. I'm just ready for it and if it happens I know what to do and I will get the help I need."

As she adjusts to life as a mom of two, Skye says she is taking time for herself and easing into working out again.

"I'm feeling really good right now and I'm feeling stronger, fitter and lighter. I started slow with walking and did some post natal exercises. I had Diastasis recti [ab separation], so I worked to get that back. At 12 weeks, I started my fit program and I launched a new app. I have a program in there called start strong, and it's for beginners, so it was perfect for me," Skye says.

Skye offers a ton of workouts, including exercises for moms-to-be, on her app Emily Skye Fit. She is also offering a free trial.

"I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was," Skye says. "I just want to be the best I can and fitness really helps with your mental health."

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