Fitness trainer Emily Skye opened up about dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of her first child
Credit: Emily Skye/Instagram

Emily Skye had heard about the “baby blues” before giving birth to her first child — but she never expected to actually develop postpartum depression during the first few weeks with her daughter Mia.

The fitness trainer opened up about being one of the millions of moms worldwide who deal with postpartum depression.

“I’d previously heard about the ‘baby blues’ but I never understood it. I couldn’t ever imagine feeling down after having Mia,” Skye, 33, wrote on Instagram on Sunday. “Well it happened to me! A few days after having her I started feeling really depressed, I hadn’t slept in days and my hormones would have been all over the place when it hit me.”

“I spent at least 10 days feeling really sad and I cried constantly for no reason!” she said. “I couldn’t understand how I was so blessed and happy to have my precious Mia and yet I felt soooo miserable.”

Skye was able to get through her postpartum depression without medical help, and said that a few light workouts made her feel better.

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“Luckily those feelings passed and I started feeling more normal,” she said. “My hormones were balancing, I managed to get some sleep and what really we helped me was moving my body — I started some light workouts (mainly walking — as I’ve previously posted about) and I felt so much better instantly. It’s amazing how good you feel after moving your body and getting the blood flowing.”

The fitness influencer is eager to get back to her former workout routine and hopes to get clearance from her doctor next week. But Skye said on Monday that she doesn’t expect her body to immediately “bounce back” — nor does she want it to.

“It’s totally unrealistic for me to expect to ‘bounce back’ from having my beautiful big belly to a flat and lean tummy in a short amount of time,” Skye said. “I choose to celebrate my body and how incredible it is in any condition, shape (or size) and I choose to focus on being my best mentally and physically for my daughter Mia.”