Emily Skye Shares Photo of Her 'Squishy' Postpartum Belly After Dealing with Ab Separation

Fitness influencer Emily Skye posted a photo of her "squishy" belly 23 days after giving birth and dealing with abdominal separation

Photo: Emily Skye/Instagram

Fitness trainer Emily Skye is ready to get her strength back!

The Instagram influencer and new mom shared a photo of her “squishy” belly 23 days after giving birth to her daughter Mia to track her progress.

“I’m down roughly 14 kg. [about 30 lbs.] since I have birth (I’d gained about 21 kg. [about 46 lbs.] while preg),” Skye, 32, wrote on Instagram. “It just shows how much fluid I had! It’s great not to be swollen anymore too! My tummy isn’t completely down yet and it’s really squishy but it’s getting there.”

Skye said she had diastasis recti after the delivery, a condition where the large abdominal muscles separate, but it’s better now.

“My abs seems to be almost completely back together which I’m so happy about!” she said. “They were three finger widths apart after I gave birth! The core and pelvic floor work I do everyday is obviously working.”

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Though she can’t get back to her intense workouts quite yet, Skye said she’s starting to do a few easy movements.

“I managed to do some really light exercises at home today for my pelvic floor and core and some resistant band crab walks and monster walks,” she said. “It was really light and easy but feels so good to do something slightly active! I’m looking forward to returning to the gym in 2.5 weeks!”

Skye knows it will take time to get back to her previous level of fitness, but she’s ready.

“It’s going to take a lot of hard work to get some sort of strength and fitness back but if I commit myself and I’m consistent I believe I’ll get there,” she said.

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