Emily Skye Shares Photos of Her Bloated Belly: 'It's Normal for Your Body to Fluctuate'

The fitness influencer said some bloating is normal, but encouraged followers who experience it regularly to see a specialist

Fitness influencer Emily Skye took to Instagram on Monday to reassure her followers that bloating can happen to anyone.

In a candid post, she shared side-by-side images of herself at the gym, showing the affect of changes in her diet.

“Only a couple of days apart!! How crazy is it how drastically your body can change from day to day!,” she began her long caption on Instagram. “I deviated a little from what I normally eat which keeps my stomach happy and this is what’s happened!!”

The trainer, 34, went on to tell her followers that it’s normal for bodies to change from one day to the next, especially with variances in activity and food.

“I just wanted to share this as most of you know I like to show you me at my best & at my worst so you know it’s normal for your body to fluctuate like this!!,” she added.

Skye advised that while the “occasional bloat” is normal, anyone experiencing extended bloating should see a specialist in gut health who can determine the cause and help alleviate some of the discomfort.

“However, (as you might have seen in tonight’s stories) if you’re constantly bloating it’s important you get checked out by a Doctor who specialises in gut health so you can get to the bottom of the cause! ☺️,” the trainer wrote.

Skye also said she wasn’t feeling as energetic as usual.

“I’m holding so much fluid all over my body. I feel like I’m at least a size or two bigger than usual,” she told her followers on her Stories. “I feel lethargic. I don’t feel as strong or energetic or as happy, so it just proves that your gut really is linked to your mental health.”

“Don’t stress about the occasional bloat – it is totally normal so try not to beat yourself up about it as most of us get bloated from time to time!,” she wrote. “It can be hard sometimes (believe me I know) but try to love yourself through the good and the bad. It’s something I am consistently working on doing too. ☺️ Sending love to you all. 😘🤗.”

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