"Comparing & feeling inferior to people who seem 'perfect' is unhealthy," wrote the fitness influencer, who welcomed her second child 9 months ago
Emily Skye
Emily Skye
| Credit: Emily Skye/Instagram

Emily Skye knows firsthand that no two postpartum bodies are alike — and that's perfectly okay. 

On Monday, the Australian fitness trainer, 35, shared a candid social media post about how unhealthy it can be to compare yourself to other mothers who "snap back" quickly after welcoming a child.  

"Recently a celebrity showed off her super flat belly 11 days after having her baby. I've seen so many people, especially mothers upset by it & compare their own bodies," wrote Skye, who welcomed her second child, son Izaac, in June.

"I thought I'd share my postpartum body on my journey back to being fit after having Izaac (my 2nd). As you can see there was no 'snap back' over here!" she wrote alongside a series of photos and videos documenting her journey.

Noting that she's "all for body positivity & celebrating ALL bodies as we're all amazing in our own ways," Skye made it clear that "comparing & feeling inferior to people who seem 'perfect' is unhealthy." 

Although Skye has learned to be patient with herself, she admitted that has struggled with comparing herself to others in the past. 

"We can't control what other people choose to put out there but we can take control of how we allow them to affect us. How you feel about yourself is your responsibility, don't give that power to other people. This is something I had to learn myself too!⁣" she wrote.

"Some women 'snap back' shortly after having a baby & some if not MOST don't! For me it took about a year after having my first baby to get fit again & I'm 9 months into my journey now after my second," she continued. "Although I'm not trying to get my body 'back,', I'm just aiming to be my best.☺️"

Emily Skye
Emily Skye
| Credit: Emily Skye/Instagram

After welcoming her first child in 2017, daughter Mia, the influencer said she "felt like an imposter" because "so many other fitness professionals snapped back fast after giving birth & I didn't."

"This time around I knew better than to compare & beat myself up. I needed to practice what I preach & focus on my own journey & not get distracted by others," she wrote. "It's now 9 months after having my 2nd baby Zac & I still have excess belly skin & my tummy still wants to come 'out' when I'm not consciously holding it tight."

"I've worked extremely hard to get fit, healthy & strong, harder than ever - but I love how it makes me feel: powerful, resilient & capable of anything & most importantly happy," she wrote.

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Acknowledging that self-love is an "ongoing journey," Skye encouraged all of her followers to embrace their bodies.

"I am SO proud of myself & have so much appreciation for my body & what it's done & keeps doing for me & my babies. I truly want other women to feel the same," she wrote.