Fitness influencer Emily Skye posted a photo of her pregnancy cellulite to make the point that it's normal

Credit: Source: Emily Skye/Instagram

Forget hiding her cellulite — after overcoming years of body insecurity, fitness influencer Emily Skye is proudly showing it off.

The mom-to-be shared close-up photos of the cellulite she has developed during pregnancy, which Skye says she’s “completely fine with.”

“My life many years ago was once all about how I looked, how lean I was and how much muscle I had. Nowadays these things aren’t even close to being my priority,” Skye, 32, writes on Instagram.

“My health (mental and physical) is most important to me and it’s always about how I FEEL. Sure I like to look good, but not if I have to sacrifice my health for it — especially my mental health. My priority right now is the health of my baby — nothing else comes close in importance.”

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The Australian trainer is 16 weeks pregnant with her first child, and says she’s gained fat and lost muscle so far — but wants people to understand that it’s normal.

“Now you might be looking at this thinking ‘Pffft that’s nothing’ or ‘you think THAT is cellulite?!’ — Again this is not about comparison nor is it a competition,” Skye says. “I just wanted to highlight the fact that nobody is perfect, we are all different and all of our pregnancy journeys are going to be different too. Some women don’t gain any fat, cellulite or stretch marks, while others gain a lot — one isn’t more ‘normal’ than the other.”

Skye also shared a photo of her growing bump on Wednesday, and said that she’s excited to see her baby develop.

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“I know many women struggle with bodily changes during pregnancy and I probably would have too years ago but now I’m completely embracing and celebrating these changes,” she wrote. “Every little change excites me and makes me happy because I’m growing @recdedmond’s & my little person which is incredible!”