Emily Skye Proves the 'Naysayers' Wrong with Photos of Her Postpartum Body: 'I Feel Great'

Trainer Emily Skye showed her "naysayers" that she could get back to her pre-baby fitness level with a before-and-after photo of her progress

Photo: Emily Skye/Instagram

Emily Skye: 1, Instagram trolls: 0.

The fitness trainer has officially proved all her “naysayers” wrong, and showed that she could get back to her pre-baby fitness level.

Skye, 33, shared a before and after photo from two different postpartum stages — one at six weeks after giving birth, and the other from now, eight months later.

After giving birth to her first child, daughter Mia, in December, Skye’s body has significantly changed, in defiance of Instagram trolls.

“People said things like: “Your body is ruined now,” “You’ll never be the same,” “Let’s see what happens to your body once you have a baby,” the Australian influencer wrote on Instagram. “People always have something to say and there will always be naysayers so you should stop listening to them.”

In reality, Skye said, she’s amazed and proud of her progress.

“I’m happy, I feel great, and I’m getting fitter and stronger every day,” she said. “I’m absolutely blown away by my body because it grew a human and is still making food for that human. Guess what else! I actually love my body more than ever now (so does [her partner] @recdedmond) and I’ve never felt more confident.”

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And Skye is encouraging her followers to adopt a similar mindset.

“Love yourself no matter what, choose to be your best and never doubt yourself — you most certainly can look and feel amazing whether you’ve had a baby or not!”

And while Skye is now in a place where she’s loving her body, the postpartum process wasn’t easy. She opened up in April about getting frustrated with how her body looks.

“A few times I’ve said to my partner Dec things along the lines of ‘why aren’t I getting leaner?’ ‘How come other people get back in shape quickly after giving birth and I didn’t?’ I even started to believe what many people tell me, that I won’t ever get back in shape. I know it’s not true but sometimes I doubt myself and my mindset gets a little unfocused,” she wrote.

Skye shared this post to show that she isn’t perfect, and has days where she struggles like everyone else.

“I just want you to know that I’m far from perfect in many ways,” she said. “I don’t always ‘love myself,’ I don’t always feel confident and accepting of my flaws. Sometimes I do beat myself up and compare myself to others and don’t feel ‘good enough.’ ”

In those moments, Skye said, she thinks about baby Mia.

“When I feel like this I remind myself of the things I preach to others — that I should treat myself how I would treat my daughter Mia,” she said. “I should tell myself what I’d tell her and love myself the way I love her. It’s SO hard to do but I believe that’s how we should treat ourselves because if we can’t love and care for ourselves, how are we supposed to love and care for others?!”

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