Fitness influencer Emily Skye shared her frustrations over a perceived lack of progress on her post-baby body

Even fitness influencers have bad body image days.

Trainer Emily Skye, who gave birth to her first child in December, is diligently working on getting back to her pre-baby fitness level. But as she writes in a relatable new Instagram post, she’s feeling frustrated that her body isn’t there yet.

“A few times I’ve said to my partner Dec things along the lines of ‘why aren’t I getting leaner?’ ‘How come other people get back in shape quickly after giving birth and I didn’t?’ I even started to believe what many people tell me, that I won’t ever get back in shape. I know it’s not true but sometimes I doubt myself and my mindset gets a little unfocused,” Skye, 33, writes.

Skye admits that while she constantly preaches “loving yourself and your body” and “not comparing [yourself] to others,” she doesn’t always follow her own advice.

“I just want you to know that I’m far from perfect in many ways,” she says. “I don’t always ‘love myself,’ I don’t always feel confident and accepting of my flaws. Sometimes I do beat myself up and compare myself to others and don’t feel ‘good enough.’ ”

The Australian trainer says that at those moments, she tries to remember to be kind to herself.

“When I feel like this I remind myself of the things I preach to others — that I should treat myself how I would treat my daughter Mia,” Skye says. “I should tell myself what I’d tell her and love myself the way I love her. It’s SO hard to do but I believe that’s how we should treat ourselves because if we can’t love and care for ourselves, how are we supposed to love and care for others?!”

And she’s come to realize that her fitness is a lifetime journey.

“I haven’t reached my fitness goal yet and I don’t know if I ever will,” she says. “That’s the thing with living this lifestyle — there is no end goal for me, it’s ongoing and all about setting and achieving smaller goals!”

Skye is known for her candidness, and has been proud to keep that going in her postpartum months.

“For me being totally honest about everything has in fact made the connection with my followers even stronger,” she previously told PEOPLE. “I have an audience of 80 percent women. I think the last thing they want to see is another person who’s just breezing through it all without a problem in the world.”