Emily Skye points out posture and lighting are essential to looking fit in a photo

Credit: Emily Skye/ Instagram

Australian health and fitness expert Emily Skye posted some before and after shots on Instagram to show just how important posture and lighting are for looking “fit” in a photo.

The 31-year-old shared the side-by-side shots of herself – with only three seconds in between – in a strappy black sports bra and bright blue spandex pants.

“My 3 second transformation!” Skye captioned the photo. “The left pic is with my tummy pushed out — the right is with my tummy flexed.”

“Your posture, angles, posing & lighting makes a big difference!” she says. “Next time you look at a photo of someone who looks “perfect” online or in a magazine remind yourself that the person in the photo doesn’t walk around looking like that! They’re posed, in their best angles with a tight or flexed tummy in “good” lighting.

Skye continues, stating the photo is intended to inspire people and make them feel better about their own flaws.
The fitness enthusiast, who often shares before and after shots of her clients and photos of herself looking buff, says “nobody is perfect.”

“Nobody has the perfect life, body, face, relationship or family etc. We’re all just imperfect humans,” she says. “Don’t strive for “perfection” or compare yourself to anyone else — just focus on being your best and embrace being YOU!”

Skye previously posted a video on the same topic.

“My “posture” transformation!” she captioned the video. “Good posture makes all the difference! No only do you feel better & have less aches & pains but you look better & more confident too!”