Fitness influencer Emily Skye showed off her body progress five months after having a baby

Emily Skye is rightfully feeling “pretty proud” of her postpartum progress!

The fitness influencer shared before and after photos from six weeks after giving birth — when she was cleared to exercise again — and now, five months later.

“It was hard to notice changes until I looked back to where I started,” Skye, 33, wrote on Instagram. “I’m feeling pretty proud of myself because I have worked really hard but I’ve been really balanced too. I’m not strict, still enjoy life (and treats) and I don’t spend much time away from Mia [her daughter, 6 months].”

The Australian trainer said that starting at all was a mental battle.

“I felt so slow and sluggish, but I worked on it by doing my FIT Program about 5 times a week at midnight or so (after Mia finally went to sleep).”

Skye also pushed through the negativity she got from people online, who questioned her ability to get back in shape after Mia’s arrival.

“Throughout my life I’ve had many people tell me I can’t do something or I’m ‘no good’ and I’m sure many of you have as well!” she wrote in another post. “People will always doubt and there will always be negativity thrown at you from others unfortunately.”

But, Skye added, it starts from within.

“The thing is, the worst kind of negative (s— talk) comes from your own head,” she said. “I believe these thoughts truly have the power to hold you back. Other people criticizing aren’t pleasant but they can’t physically stop you from doing anything unless you ALLOW them to. Take back your power and take charge of your life and what you choose to do with it.”

Skye previously told PEOPLE that she wasn’t focused on “bouncing back” post-baby like so many Instagram fitness stars, because the key to success is focusing on yourself, not the people around you.

“I think that there was probably the expectation that I would, considering so many other women in the fitness industry bounced back so quickly in the past,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong, if you’re one of those people that bounced back straight after giving birth — that’s fantastic. But that simply wasn’t my reality and the case for many other women out there.”

“I’ve never looked at what other fitness women on Instagram do and try to compare myself with them,” she adds. “I just focus on what I’m doing and try to be as honest and open with my followers about my experiences as I can.”