The Rock's Insane 'Diet' Plan Includes 36 Ounces of Cod a Day

And when he's done with that, The Rock washes it down with the tears of his enemy

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty

Want to look like Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson? Start by eating 10 lbs. of food a day.

The pro-wrestler-turned-movie-franchise Viagra (at least according to his most recent Saturday Night Live appearance), broke down his “diet” for Muscle & Fitness.

We can pretty much guarantee it looks nothing like yours, unless you too put away more than 4,000 calories – most of it cod – a day.

Johnson, 42, starts the morning off with 10 oz. of cod, two whole eggs and two cups of oatmeal, followed by a second meal of 8 oz. of cod, a sweet potato and a cup of veggies.

The third meal finally changes up the protein with 8 oz. of chicken, as well as two cups of white rice and another cup of veggies.

Meal 4 sees another 8 oz. of cod, two cups of rice, one cup of veggies and 1 tbsp. of fish oil. For his fifth meal, The Rock enjoys 8 oz. of steak and a baked potato, as well as a spinach salad.

For Meal 6, Johnson packs away another 10 oz. of cod (bringing the amount of the fish he eats a day to a whooping 36 oz.), followed by two cups of rice and more salad.

Johnson finally caps off his day with an omelet made with 10 egg whites, one cup of veggies, 1 tbsp. of fish oil and 30 grams of casein protein.

Of course, Johnson supplements his insane meal plan with plenty of cardio and weightlifting. The result? 260 lbs. of rippling muscle.

One thing’s for sure: If there’s a cod shortage in the near future, we know who to blame.

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