Mom with Cancer Denise Albert has teamed up with the TSA in a powerful new video aimed at helping those traveling with illnesses

Denise Albert, co-founder of media group The MOMS, has teamed up with the Transportation Security Administration in a powerful video after what she called a “horrific” pat-down by agents at Los Angeles International Airport that made headlines last year.

“The video gives tips on how [people] should travel with illnesses. I’m hoping this will also be a reminder for TSA agents on their role as well,” Albert, who co-hosts The MOMS podcast, tells PEOPLE of the exclusive new video.

“I wanted to turn my negative experience into something that could help other people. So, [TSA officials] asked me if I could take part with them and I was happy to do that.”

Albert, who is battling breast cancer, was traveling for an event in December 2016 when TSA agents pulled her aside at the airport for an in-depth search because of a medical cream she had packed in her carry-on luggage, she previously told PEOPLE.

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Credit: Courtesy Denise Albert

She was forced to remove her wig for the first time ever in public (aside from two appearances at breast cancer events), and was ordered to remain barefoot for at least 20 minutes during the ordeal despite telling officials she had open sores on her feet due to cancer treatments.

Albert described the agents as aggressive, noting that the entire ordeal was caught on camera and only ended — amid threats by the agents to call the police — when two female supervisors arrived and moved the emotional Albert to a private room “for a regular soft pat down.”

In the wake of the incident, Albert spoke out about the ordeal on the media group’s website and shared video footage of the pat-down that quickly went viral.

Credit: Denise Albert

“I was mistreated basically, pretty badly. The TSA had reached out to me to apologize and we developed a relationship because, obviously, I understand they have a job to do,” Albert tells PEOPLE.

“I think those two [agents] did not handle properly and I wanted that known. I really do hope that this doesn’t happen again to anybody.”

In the new video, Albert shares her story in an effort to highlight the needs of those who may be traveling with illnesses.

Credit: Denise Albert

“I think it’s really important that a passenger and also the agents really review and know what each of their rights are and what the protocol is,” she says in the exclusive footage.

“When somebody’s traveling with the illness — no matter what the illness is — I think it’s important for agents to know that obviously they have to do their job but to be a little sensitive.”

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Albert was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in late 2015. She began chemo in February 2016 and radiation in August after having a lumpectomy. She has since finished chemo and radiation, but Albert says she still wears a wig and suffers rashes.

“So, it’s still important for me and I think it’s important for other people to realize that once your treatment is over it doesn’t end,” Albert tells PEOPLE. “So, it’s nice to have these tips in mind so you know what to do, so you know you’re not alone.”