Demi Lovato says she's "feeling better than I've ever felt" after years of dealing with an eating disorder and other body image issues

Credit: Rick Kern/Getty Images

Demi Lovato says she is “feeling better than I’ve ever felt” after years of dealing with an eating disorder and body image issues.

The singer — who is happily dating MMA Bellator fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos and hitting the boxing ring for her own workouts — shared a few words of advice on Instagram.

“Feeling better than I’ve ever felt. It’s all about self love,” Lovato, 24, says. “Tell yourself you’re beautiful daily. Be gentle with yourself. Eat carbs without guilt and remember that life is too short to worry about what others think!!”

Lovato, who celebrated five years of sobriety in March, previously talked to Entertainment Tonight about how much she’s loving her life these days.

“It feels amazing,” she said of being sober. “All I’ve been doing is focusing on bettering myself. It’s been quite the journey, but it’s well worth it.”

Lovato grew up with body image struggles after watching her mother and grandmother deal with bulimia, which Lovato developed at age 12, along with addictions to alcohol, cocaine and OxyContin. Now, after five years of clean living, she prioritizes living healthfully (with plenty of guilt-free carbs) and working out regularly at L.A.’s Unbreakable Performance Center.

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“This is her safe haven,” the gym’s founder, Jay Glazer, told PEOPLE. “Demi will be here for four hours a day. It’s her one place where she doesn’t have to be a pop star. She’s talked a lot about her addictions, and this has become her healthy addiction. She lights up when she comes in here.”