Daughters Say Mom Who Died of COVID Would Do Anything for Them — Except Get Vaccinated

One of Cori Taylor-Wall daughter's, Jennie, had previous begged her mother to get vaccinated

The two daughters of a Washington woman that died of COVID-19 say their mother was a victim of vaccine misinformation on the internet.

Cori Taylor-Wall of Kitsap County, Wash. died 12 days after catching the Delta variant on Sept. 5. She was 57.

"We were her life. She loved us so much and would do anything for us — except get a vaccine," daughter Jennie Wall told King5 News.

Cori believed she had antibodies to combat COVID-19 after she presumably got the virus early in the pandemic, the station reported, though it was never confirmed by doctors.


Jennie, a respiratory therapist, said her mother was simply "no match" for the "aggressive" virus. She had begged her mom to get vaccinated prior to her death, but to no avail.

"I would tell her what I went through on a day-to-day basis working in the COVID ICU," she told the station, adding that it "never seemed to be enough" to convince her to get inoculated.

Jennie was informed that her mother would not survive her bout with COVID-19 while assisting a patient at her own hospital.

"I'm having to talk to the doctor telling me my mom's not going to make it on my Apple Watch while I'm in a patient's room because we just don't have the staff or time to take a break and even answer the call in the hallway," she explained to King5 News.

Cori's daughters described their late mother as a "supermom" with a big heart. "She was so generous and loving. She just wanted to give, give, give," Kellie Wall said.

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