Daphne Oz is WW's Newest Ambassador: 'I'm Looking to Get Strong in My Skin Again'

The cookbook author wanted to make a "commitment" as she works to rebuild her strength after her fourth child

Daphne Oz WW

Daphne Oz is adding to her long resume: she’s now WW’s newest ambassador.

The cookbook author, host and mom of four decided to join up with the lifestyle program, formally known as Weight Watchers, to make a “commitment” to her body in the months after giving birth to daughter Gigi, 5½ months.

“I’m definitely looking to get strong in my skin again, and feel fit, and feel healthy. And having a partner in that plan, having a partner in your wellness journey, and in my holistic health goals for myself, was really important to me,” Oz, 33, tells PEOPLE.

The MasterChef Junior host says that as someone who “loves to eat” and has her entire career in food, she had to learn how to make “meaningful eating choices.”

“I definitely experienced the only downside of living and working around food all the time, which is, it’s really easy to overeat, and it’s really easy to overindulge,” she says.

Daphne Oz WW
Daphne Oz. Elizabeth Pettey Photography

After trying other weight loss programs in the past, Oz says that WW stood out to her because it’s not about restriction.

“I’ve talked openly before about the fact that I grew up an overweight kid in a health nut family. And I tried some diets in the past, but my philosophy grew out of that, which is I just don’t believe in restriction. I don’t believe in plans that are about deprivation.”

Oz has been on the WW program (specifically the purple plan) for a few weeks now and found that it was well-matched to how she already eats; she just had to reduce a few of her portion sizes. One example was her avocado habit — Oz “kind of put it on everything,” because of the healthy fats, minerals and vitamins in the fruit, but realized that she shouldn’t be as liberal with her servings, reducing it from half an avocado to a quarter.

“It’s nothing major when you think about it, but it really is about making those moments count,” she says.

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As Oz follows the WW program, she doesn’t have a specific goal.

“There’s no destination in my mind. The goal really is to feel good,” she says. “It’s to feel good in my skin. It’s to feel good in my clothes. It’s to feel strong. And that I wake up every day with tons of energy to take on all of the fun that I want to.”

And she wants to share her journey to feeling good with her followers on social media.

“I do find that it really lifts me up and pushes me to continue on my own health journey that so many women have reached out and said that they either felt inspired, or are doing it with me, or feel validated that they start from wherever they start and get going from there,” she says of social media. “I think something is better than nothing, and little steps yield big results and I do feel like making it manageable, and not showing this magical transformation, but instead showing this real-time, hard work in the gym, or making good food choices.”

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