Daphne Oz Shares an Honest Look at Her 6-Month Postpartum Progress: 'New Week, New Commitment'

Daphne Oz shared a photo of her body progress six months after having her third child, and a glimpse at her daily diet

Daphne Oz is ready for a new week of healthy eating!

The former cohost of The Chew had her third child, daughter Domenica, in December, and she’s working on getting back to her pre-pregnancy fitness.

Oz, 32, shared a photo of her body on Monday, along with her meal plan for the day.

“Here’s what I’m eating today in case you want a little inspo to jumpstart your Monday!” she wrote on Instagram. “Breakfast: coffee + banana + almond butter (rushing out the door this am!). Lunch: hydrating chopped salad with greens, cucumbers, broccoli, basil, chopped chickpeas, hemp hearts & red wine vinaigrette. Snack: 1 hard boiled egg, handful of baby carrots. Dinner: leftover jerk chicken and sautéed broccoli rabe with shallots.”

Oz explained that she may not eat these exact foods, but she likes having a game plan for her hectic days.

“I find it helps to write down what my ‘plan’ for the day is — some things may shift as needed, but having a vision in mind means I’m not aimlessly searching for something to eat at meal times,” she said.

The cookbook author said that she sees each week as a “new commitment” to getting healthy.

“I celebrate on the weekends so that I feel strong sticking to my healthy goals throughout the week as I work to lose this baby weight,” she said. “And so I don’t go insane in the process.”

Oz told PEOPLE in May that she likes sharing honest photos of her postpartum body with her followers.

“It’s vulnerable. It’s not like I’m putting myself out there, saying I’ve got it handled or I’m back in the shape I want to be,” she said. “I want to make it okay for women who don’t have that experience to not feel like they failed somehow and to still be proud of their body.”

And Oz, who is also mom to son Jovan Jr., 2½, and daughter Philomena Bijou, 4, added that dealing with her postpartum body is completely worth it.

“I’m being realistic. Of course, you got the gift of a lifetime, a baby that [I] have in my arms now. I’d give anything for this so who cares about the couple extra pounds or loose skin or whatever it is?” she says.

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