Daphne Oz Writes Body Positive Post After Getting Fat Shamed: 'We Are Under Constant Scrutiny'

The Chew host Daphne Oz thanked her followers for defending her after people posted body-shaming comments on a bikini photo

Photo: Daphne Oz/Instagram

Daphne Oz is committed to spreading a message of body positivity.

After The Chew host posted a photo of herself in a bikini during a beach vacation, her followers posted tons of encouraging comments — except for a few “obvious trolls” who started fat shaming Oz.

Oz responded with an empowering — and honest — note .

“I feel safe posting pics like this for all of you because I get how hard it is to feel good in our skin — whether we’re trying to lose or gain weight, whether we’ve had babies or not. We are under constant scrutiny,” Oz, 30, writes. “I am not perfect, I have not reached all my goals, I still see all my flaws first. But progress is everything, and one positive feeling begets another.”

The mom of two then thanked her followers for coming to her defense.

“This is a space for positivity and smart strategies and results, but most importantly, it is a place for celebration and FUN. I love that you guys shut down the obvious trolls that show up on here every now and then because they seriously have no other place or way to feel heard,” she says.

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“I try not to give them too much thought, but know that I appreciate every single on of you and you make me smile and feel good every day.”

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