Washington Dad Hilariously Recreates His Teen Daughter's Provocative Selfies So She'll 'Tone It Down'

Unhappy that his teenage daughter was posting provocative selfies, one man decided it was time to get even

Photo: Source: Cassie Martin/Facebook

Unhappy that his teenage daughter was posting provocative selfies online, Chris “Burr” Martin of Spokane, Washington, decided it was time to get even.

Rather than argue with Cassie, 19, or give her a lecture, Chris, a warehouse inventory worker who moonlights as a comedian and actor, decided to show off his own “sexy” side and recreate her selfies, posting them in his daughter’s comments on Instagram and Facebook.

Now the results have gone viral, with people around the world laughing at (and with) the creative dad on social media.

“After posting my latest photo, I went to bed on Sunday night and when I woke up on Monday, my pouty lips had gone everywhere,” Chris, a father of three, tells PEOPLE. “Of all the things to be a legacy for, this certainly isn’t what I had in mind. But we sure have been having a laugh over it.”

It all started about a year ago, when Cassie, an apprentice at a tattoo shop in Spokane, posted a selfie online that her dad thought was too seductive.

“I thought, ‘Wow, that should be toned down,’ ” he says, “especially when I saw the comments from some of her guy friends. But rather than throw water on the fire, I decided, ‘Okay, I’ll dress up like she did with stuff from around the house and post my own photo.’ ”

Accustomed to her dad’s quirky sense of humor, Cassie wasn’t offended to see her father imitating her post in a short T-shirt and gaudy shorts, and had a good laugh.

“I know he didn’t mean it in a bad way – it’s just the kind of dad he is,” she tells PEOPLE. “When he kept doing it, my friends thought it was hilarious. They were like, ‘Wow, check out your dad!'”

Although Chris has posted eight snapshots of himself channeling his daughter, it was his latest endeavor that really took off.

His wife, Jani Martin 46, came from her job as a legal assistant and handed him a white tank top, telling him, “Okay, now you have a top just like Cassie’s.”

“I went in the bathroom to make myself up to look like her latest photo and I was laughing so hard, I kept messing up the tattoo on my chest,” Chris says. Then, not realizing that his daughter’s laurel wreath had been Photoshopped, he went outside and tore a branch off a tree to drape around his head.

“I’m probably not the most tech-savvy dad,” he admits. “When I was in high school, we had to go home before we could call our friends. There wasn’t all this pressure for everybody to look sexy. What’s up with that?”

Teenagers today, especially young women, he says, “feel such enormous pressure to look a certain way. They’re always pushing the edge and they grow up too fast.”

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Cassie says that her dad’s “too sexy for my shorts” selfies have somewhat curtailed her own come-hither poses, but she is now tempted to give him a big helping of his own humor.

“My dad likes to wear backwards baseball caps and jerseys covered with pictures of comic book heroes like Superman and Spiderman,” she says. “Not a good look for me, but my dad gets away with it. Maybe it’s time now for me to turn the tables.”

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