Robbie Tripp, who wrote about loving his wife despite her "curvy" body, responds to the criticism


First Robbie Tripp’s post about his “curvy” wife Sarah filled with comments applauding him for sharing his love. But then the tide turned, and others said he was just looking for attention — and actually body shaming her by pointing out her shape.

Now Tripp is speaking out about the negativity, saying that it’s a stretch to see his post as self-serving.

“Anybody searching for any sort of negativity in that post — you’ve got to really try and twist the purpose and intent and what I’m saying to even conjure up anything negative from that,” Tripp tells PEOPLE Now. “Because at the end of the day, if you’re hating on that post, you’re hating on a guy loving his wife. You’re hating on a guy celebrating his beautiful wife who he’s attracted to.”

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He adds that he never expected the post — which now has over 31,000 likes — to get this amount of attention.

“The fact that people have thought that for some reason I wrote that post thinking or knowing that it would go viral to pat myself on the back on a public platform — I had no way of knowing that it would go viral and I only wrote it because I love my wife,” Tripp says. “So I think the negativity is a little silly.”

And Sarah says that Robbie wasn’t fetishizing her body.

“I think ‘fetish’ is definitely reaching,” she says. “I’ve never once thought of how Robbie thinks of me as a fetish; he celebrates my curves. He supports me, he supports other women. If you scroll back, he talks about just loving girl power and seeing all these amazing women who are doing so much in the world and so much good. So I just don’t buy into it at all.”

But the criticism took on a more public face on Saturday when model Tess Holliday posted about Robbie, and found an alleged tweet of his from 2015 that paints him as transphobic.

“Born a Bruce, always a Bruce. Clothes, makeup, surgery, and public acceptance still won’t change how you came into the world,” he allegedly tweeted about Caitlyn Jenner.

“Stop giving men trophies for doing the bare minimum,” Holliday commented. “Also I’m not here for someone who says transphobic things.”

Robbie says Holliday’s criticism and the general backlash has been “surprisingly confusing, but people are entitled to their own opinions.”

“At the end of the day, it’s all love and positivity over here,” he says.