Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler helps curvy brides find their wedding dress on People TV's new show, The Perfect Fit

By Julie Mazziotta
January 09, 2018 04:39 PM

For curvy brides-to-be, finding a wedding dress can be a tall order — they can’t just walk into any store and try on gowns straight from the rack. But at Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler’s Haute & Co. bridal salon, they can.

At her Chicago store — the subject of PeopleTV’s new show, The Perfect Fit, available now — curvy brides can choose from hundreds of dresses in sizes 18 to 32. Having that ease and accessibility is important for Armstrong-Fowler, 48, who is a curvy woman herself.

“I am not unlike thousands of other women out in America today, who struggle with their weight,” she says in this clip from the show. “I’m 6-foot tall, and there are moments when I feel like I’m the tallest and biggest person in the room. And so when my brides walk in, I want to say that I understand what you’re fighting against.”

In one of the first episodes, Armstrong-Fowler helps Cat, a bride-to-be, find her dream dress.

“Even though I’m a stylist, I have to ultimately say that it’s important for a bride to trust her voice,” Armstrong-Fowler says. “Cat, she was confident about her choice, and she looked amazing.”

Picking out the perfect dress was an emotional moment for Cat’s mother as well.

“It’s hard when you’re not mainstream,” she says. “I just didn’t what the experience would be, and from the moment we walked up to throughout, it’s just been wonderful.”

The Perfect Fit is streaming now on PeopleTV. To watch, go to, or download the PeopleTV app on your favorite mobile or connected TV device.