Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Vincent Rodriguez III explains what he did to bulk up and lose 25 lbs. for a Magic Mike scene


When Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Vincent Rodriguez III learned that he was going to have to imitate Channing Tatum for a Magic Mike-inspired scene on the show, he wanted to get the abs to match.

The actor (who also happens to be one of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Men of the Year) started dieting and working with a trainer to bulk up, and eventually lost 25 lbs. while adding tons of muscle. Rodriguez, 35, says diet was the key.

“It’s really just [cutting out] sugar and my meal curfew,” he says on PEOPLE Now. “People have been asked me, ‘How did you do it, what’s the secret?’ There’s really no secret, it’s just meal curfew. So at 6:30, make that your last meal, and stop eating from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. And lay off the booze. Lay off the hooch. It’s the hardest thing.”

But while Rodriguez’s Instagram account is now filled with photos of his ab-filled torso, he admits that he doesn’t always stick to his diet.

“Yes, I post photos on Instagram, but I am still human,” he jokes. “I remember the other night I was sideways [in bed] with just a mug of Cheerios.”

Along with reducing his meal times, Rodriguez also started doing targeted workouts with a trainer.

“It’s really just an hour of work, and what’s surprising about the work that I do with my trainer Eric in L.A., is that it’s called a destination workout, where you’re really trying to aim towards your goal weight and your goal physique in a very short period of time,” Rodriguez explains. “But the workout itself is really just 15 minutes of some dumbbell training, really just to get the blood flow, and to keep going and slowly building and sculpting. We’re focused on specific muscle groups; it’s really like spot training for your body.”