Corbin Bleu's Trainer Breaks Down His Pre-Wedding Workout

Corbin Bleu has been sticking to a clean diet while meeting with trainer Chad Landers for regular workout sessions

Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty

Corbin Bleu is shaping up to tie the knot!

The actor, 27, has been working with his longtime trainer Chad Landers to tone up before his upcoming wedding to Sasha Nicole Clements (the couple got engaged at Disney World in October 2014).

“Normally our goals depend on what type of role he’s doing,” Landers tells PEOPLE. “Obviously your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so he really wants to look good in his tux. The biggest thing is just leaning out a little bit. He wants to have a tailored, form-fitting tux – and rock it.”

To achieve a lean, muscular physique, the former High School Musical star has been sticking to a clean diet full of lean proteins and vegetables, while meeting with Landers for training sessions three to four times a week.

“A typical training session revolves around big lifts – bench presses and rowing and dead lifts, things that use a lot of muscle and that he can lift heavy weights with because we want to maintain his muscle mass while he’s dieting,” says Landers.

“We also do a lot of interval training on the treadmill,” he continues. “He will do several 400-meter sprints during the workout on a 10 mph speed with 7.0 incline. He’s basically sprinting uphill for a quarter of a mile. It’s insane!”

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Landers has also been working with Clements, 26, to help her shed for the wedding.

“With her it’s a lot to do with posture, so she works on her back muscles and shoulders to pull things back and make her look elegant when she walks down the aisle, and then getting a bigger booty to look good in that wedding dress,” he says.

“For the posture, we do variations of rowing exercises to use the muscles on the backside of your body,” Landers continues. “For the booty, we do lots of variations of bridging, sometimes with a band around her knees to work her hips and glute muscles on the outside. It gives a 3-D effect to her butt, because we’re working not just the lifting part of it, but the pushing out part of it.”

He has also been having her lift weights to lean out and tone up.

“Women shouldn’t be afraid to lift weights,” says Landers. “They will actually get smaller and have more muscle definition.”

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