Family By the Ton's Naomi Anderson is told by a clothing store owner that they don't have her size, and she'll look better after she loses weight

By Julie Mazziotta
January 31, 2018 12:59 PM

After undergoing weight loss surgery and dropping a few pounds, Family By the Ton‘s Naomi Anderson is excited to go shopping with her mom Beverly for new clothes. But their fun mother-daughter trip goes sour when they encounter a rude shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper is happy to help Beverly, but won’t find clothes for Naomi.

“Who does she think she is? When you own a store, you have to help everybody,” Naomi, 30, says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s epsiode.

She decides to instead focus on enjoying the day with her mom, who also recently underwent weight loss surgery.

“As I’m looking around, I notice there’s no plus-size items,” Naomi says. “So I was kind of just like, well we’ll just look for my mom. I’ll look at some accessories. At the end of the day my mom has been sick so at least it’s quality time with her, I’ll take that.”

But when Beverly tells Naomi to ask the shopkeeper for her size, the woman responds with rude comments.

“Honestly, I only have items up to a 16,” she says to Naomi. “And you’re such a pretty lady, can you imagine when you lose all that weight, you’re going to be fabulous. You’re already fabulous but you’re going to be beautiful.”

Naomi keeps her cool inside the store, but calls the woman out once she leaves.

“What the f— does that mean?” she says to the camera. “I walked in feeling excited because I had lost some weight, my mom is here, she’s able to actually walk around. That’s a blessing. So I’m excited. And then I left feeling like even though I had the surgery, I’m still the fat girl with the pretty face who won’t be pretty until her body is small. Why can’t I just be who I am?”

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